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two more papers to go..then i'll be free, but not totally free, coz a week after my exam then i hv practical exam hectic...dun feel like going for tat...but thinking of da one week raya hols...(^w^)~~~

got to meet my previous music lecturer this morning after finishing my first papere  (she came as an examinor for juniors' practical exam)..haha, so touched, long time din see her oredi, miss her soooo much. We made her a booklet...with our dedications and 'touching words'....thinking for da whole night...wat should i write to her..( ya, still busy with tis kind of stuff without realizing tat exam is da next day...) finally i manage to 'puke' out a few so called 'touching' words for her..phew..wat a relief...tat's not all, that's my column only ho..i need to write somemore for overall head really cracked now...but still, i can write some stuff...and sketch some stuff to fill up da space...haha....luckily she likes it!!

gonna hav lunch with her tomolo. good!! long time din eat good stuff oredi...
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Submitted on
September 23, 2007