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My I4 Officially Dead +New Artbook Announcement.

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 15, 2016, 7:23 PM

I've been struggling to finish my digital commissions for the pass few weeks, but my tablet somehow lost sensitivity on certain surface especially the middle part. There were moments when I tried to stroke a few times but no lines appeared. But still I managed to get a few sketches done last few weeks but I can't colour them~!!!! OTL..... Today I opened my canvas and tried to draw but failed. The cursor didn't want to move at all. OTL......So I guess my lovely I4 is exhausted. It's time for him to rest. Thanks for accompanying me for these few years. (T/////A//////T) I have like....hundreds or even a thousand of drawings done using this I4. I really love him but unfortunately....*cries*........ I've ordered a new one, by the way. It's Intuous Pro PTH-651. He'll be arriving next week, probably. I'm sorry for the commissions delay. Will get them done as soon as my new boy arrives. (*w*)b

And the next announcement is, my sketch artbook is on for sale now! :D~~~

Please check the details here if you're interested. :D

Reminiscence Artbook Order by shrimpHEBY

Thank you~!

Drawin' ur OCs in any clothings (CLosed )

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 27, 2015, 7:22 AM

Closed temporary for personal project.

Drawing your characters in any clothing style~~~(*//A//*)~~

You can see some of the samples of  outfit that I've drawn.…

All pictures will be done in coloured. No background included. If you like to add in background, please state so, but extra charges needed. 

You have offer your price for this type of commissions. Please offer at least USD 60 / 6000 :points: for a single character. The more you offer the more likely I'll accept your commission.

I don't draw:
Old/Masculine ppl

So if you're interested please fill in the form below in the comment box

Character reference: Send me clear, full body coloured reference.
Character's age: 
Clothing type: 
Theme colour:
Items:Examples ( weapons , pets etc) 
Your offer: 
Background : NONE (please note me personally if you want to have background added then we can discuss further)
Other info : If any. 

Have a great day. 

- note me if interested. 
- single character only. ( if you still request couple pic, extra charges needed) 
- I do shipping. Will take picture of the drawing before shipping.
- All categories open at the moment. 


USD 10 / 1000 :points: (half of an A4 size) 
Sample: Image by shrimpHEBYImage by shrimpHEBYImage by shrimpHEBY

Brown paper Chibi (coloured) 
Size: Around 15cm X 15cm
Price: USD 35-40 (depends on design's complexity) 
Sample : Qi Rui by shrimpHEBYImage by shrimpHEBY

Mini chibi :
USD 15 / 1500 :points: (half of an A4 size) 
Sample: Image by shrimpHEBY

simple background included for all sketches.

Shipping fee: USD 5 / 500 :points: for normal registered airmail ( takes around 3-4 weeks to arrive) or you have an ideal shipping method please notify me.

Speed Paint Commission (closed)

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 8:31 AM


OPEN for one week. Might extend the date. :D

IMPORTANT: DO NOT SEND ME NOTE FOR SPEED PAINT!! (unless you don't want to show your character link in public, you can note me for further discussion) 

Comment below with your commission info:

Category:Headshot speed paint/ full body sketch/ half body sketch/chibi sketch
Number of characters:(please state if you want more than one character in a canvas)
Character references:(Please give as many as possible (please give me full body character reference.)
Other info:(keep it short and simple) 
Total price: (in Points) / in USD if you're using paypal. 

One person can commission more than one commission, but please comment them with spacing so I don't get confused. >//v//<~~ Note me only if you have other questions to ask. This is not first come first serve. I'll note you when I'm ready to do your commissions.

a) Headshot speed paint (coloured only)
    Price: 1200 :points: / USD 12

b) Fullbody body sketch (Only coloured available)
  Price: 3500 :points: /USD 35

c) Half body sketch 
  Price: 2800 :points: / USD 28 (coloured)
d) Chibi sketch
  Price: 2000 :points: / USD 20 (coloured)


 Sketch Fullbodies by shrimpHEBYChibi Compiles by shrimpHEBYFullbody Compile by shrimpHEBY

Doodle Sketch comm (Closed)

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 10, 2013, 12:26 AM

Payment plans / installments are allowed. JUst note me for details. :D

More samples here:…

Xero sketchpage by shrimpHEBY


Starting Bid: USD 200 (basically 6-7 images) 
Bid here:…
Current Bid: AB by  :iconyuudofu:
Buyout: USD 400 ( added 5-6 more sketches.)
Snipe Guard: 30 minutes extension for last minute bid. 

Bidding ends : 28th October 2015 , 10 pm Malaysia time…
Min.for each increase bid: USD 10

Hi there, how's everyone?

Now that my contest has come to an end after few month running. Every entry is so beautiful and I'm gonna have hard time choosing the winners. 

I'm gonna need one week to decide the winner as  I don't have my laptop with me at least for another 5 days. I can only judge when I get back home on 5th of Dec. so please be a little patient. :)

You can browse and check for your entry here

As you can't find your entry, meaning either you didn't meet the contest requirements or you didn't note me your entry I actually don't accept those who didn't note me their entries coz I've already stated in the rules. But I'll give another exception, note me your entry within 24 hours from now on or you'll be disqualified, your entry must be submitted before 30th November 2013, 11.59pm. I'm sorry but I have to be fair to others that followed the rules. 

Thank you so much for taking part in the contest. I hope you enjoyed drawing them. 


Journal Entry: Sat May 18, 2013, 8:06 AM

:new: Hi guys~~~How's everyone doing? Have you started drawing my babies yet? I've decided to extend the contest deadline. So more people can join, and you can have more time to finish the pic, ne? For those who has submitted the entry, you can still make little changes if you like, BUT you cannot draw a new picture to exchange with your previous entry. Please be honest. 

So, please read again for some updates and stuff~~~~

:IC: Xuan-long by eivven :IC: Qi-rui by eivven:IC: Xuan-long by eivven :IC: Qi-rui by eivven:IC: Xuan-long by eivven :IC: Qi-rui by eivven:IC: Xuan-long by eivven :IC: Qi-rui by eivven:IC: Xuan-long by eivven

Finally, contest time! Arrr…..I've been wanting to held a contest since….last year….haha…I was too lazy to write a journal of the contest….*sob*. Okay, now let's  get to the point.

Draw my Dragon and Kirin OC in any scenery
Dragon and Kirin reference by shrimpHEBY Dragon and Kilin by shrimpHEBY Garden by shrimpHEBY Connected by shrimpHEBY
Reference sheet :  

:star:Allowed Media & Style:star:
:star: Media : Digital art and traditional art (must be coloured) ONLY. ILLUSTRATION ONLY
:star: Style: Anime (cell-shaded/soft-shaded)/manga & Semi-realism anime ONLY. NO chibis/portrait/abstract/anthro/animation/photomanipulation/plushie/comic strip etc
Some examples that the style I like:……………  

:star: Contest Requirements :star:
:star: All contest entry must be at least knee up (full body or showing at least, their knees) . They must be new artwork, full illustration with full background, coloured.
:star: Only 1 entry per person. You're not allowed to do collaboration with other artist/commission them to draw the entry. The artwork must be your own artwork. Strictly no tracing/stealing arts. You'll be disqualified and black listed if you do that.
:star: You don't have to inform me if you want to enter. If you enter, submit the completed entry to your DA and send me a note with the link of your entry. In your artist comment, please state that it's for :iconshrimpheby:'s OC contest and post a link to my contest journal. If you failed to do that, sorry, your entry will not be accepted.
:star:You MUST draw BOTH of my OC, Xuan Long and Qi Rui in ADULT/TEENAGE version. Draw them in any scene. In battle, leisure, festival etc. Keep in mind that they are from China background. Their clothes MUST be in ancient Chinese outfit. No modern  or other era's clothing, just Chinese ancient clothing.
I'll give you some examples for reference:…  
A few DA artists that draw awesome ancient Chinese clothing:
You can draw them in their original outfit from my reference, but I prefer you to design for them.  Design outfit for them will have more possibility in winning the contest.
Keep in mind that Xuan Long's theme colour will be black & dark blue, Qi Rui's theme colour will be white and light blue.
:star: Do not include other characters(your OCs, my other OCs, fan characters…etc)  in the drawing. But dragons are allowed to be drawn as background.
:star: Your drawing must be at least 2480x3507 pixel, 300 dpi. The drawing that you submit in DA must be big enough for me to see the details. (1024 pixel)
:star:Please do not change their relationship, personality, stories. A very important thing that I must emphasize, They are not couple, they are good friends
Some background stories and comic strips to know better of them:
First Meeting by shrimpHEBY After First Meeting by shrimpHEBY Xuan Long Profile by shrimpHEBY Have..have you seen my scarf ? by shrimpHEBY

:star:Who are the judges and How they judge:star:
I'm the only judge here, coz no one knows my OCs better than I do. So how do I judge? I'll sum up everything into 4 parts:
a) Creativity – your creative ideas in designs of clothes/background given to the drawings and imaginative composition of the characters.
b) Skill – Your drawing skill and the details you put in
c) Essence – Depends on how well you capture the characters' personality and their relationship. I hope you get the feeling between them the same as I do. :D
d) Love – Your love towards my babies~~~hurrrr..:D

:new::star:Contest duration and deadline:star:
Deadline: 30 November 2013 Malaysia time, 12.00p.m.
No more extension. 

Now the excited part neh? I'll only give 3 prizes and they are quite TEMPTING~~~:D
First prize:
USD 100 or equivalent points ( 8000 :points: )
A free fullbody detailed CG from me (one character of your choice)
A free copy of Xuan Long and Qi Rui Artbook (which is yet to be released) . Your artwork will be featured in there. (shipping fee excluded) 
:new: 900 :points: by :iconbahamutia:
:new: 350 :points: by :iconembervesent:
:new: A full body, a waist up and a bust up drawing by :iconshikohayashi:
:new: A full body with background drawing by :iconxleric:
:new: A free commission and a semi-realism portrait by :iconrane95:
:new: A full body with background pic by :iconbutt-sama:
:new: A chibi request (800pxX800px) + llama + watch by :iconvyen8936:
:new: A drawing request by :iconctang15:
:new: A free request of your choice by :iconzerostrife96:
:new: A free chibi commission by stitch-84
*prize will be updated later*

Second prize:
USD 75 or equivalent points ( 6000 :points: )
A free half body detailed CG from me (one character of your choice)
A free copy of Xuan Long and Qi Rui Artbook (which is yet to be released) . Your artwork will be featured in there. (shipping fee excluded)
:new: 650 :points:  by :iconbahamutia:
:new: 250 :points: by :iconembervesent:
:new: A waist up and bust up drawing by :iconshikohayashi:
:new: A knee up drawing by :iconxleric:
:new: A free commission and a semi-realism portrait by :iconrane95:
:new: A full body drawing by :iconbutt-sama:
:new: A chibi request (800pxX800px) + llama + watch by :iconvyen8936:
:new: A drawing request by :iconctang15:
:new: A full body without/simple background by :iconzerostrife96:
*prize will be updated later*

Third prize:
USD 50 or equivalent points ( 4000 :points: )
A free headshot detailed CG from me (one character of your choice)
A free copy of Xuan Long and Qi Rui Artbook (which is yet to be released) . Your artwork will be featured in there. (shipping fee excluded)
:new: 450 :points: by :iconbahamutia:
:new: 200 :points: by :iconembervesent:
:new: A bust up drawing by :iconShikaHayashi:
:new: A chibi drawing by :iconxleric:
:new: A free commission and a semi-realism portrait by :iconrane95:
:new: 2 chibi drawings by :iconbutt-sama:
:new: A chibi request (800pxX800px) + llama + watch by :iconvyen8936:
:new: A drawing request by :iconctang15:
:new: A halfbody without/simple background by :iconzerostrife96:
*prize will be updated later* 

:new: Added a special prize~~~~
One participant will be chosen using by me and he/she will get a copy of my Xuan Long and Qi Rui artbook. A special thanks to :icontheplushielady:

Thank you so much to all the prize donators~~~I'm so grateful for your kindness~~~>///v////<~~*hugzz*~~~ And if you've noted me bout the prize donation and I haven't updated them please inform me again.Or, I've made a mistake in your prize donation, do update me too. :D I might miss out coz there are so many of them~~*sob in happiness*. Oh, and if you're still willing to donate some prizes, you're welcome to do so, the more, the merrier...Arrr...I love prizes~~~:hug:~~~~ Do send me a note if you want to donate. Big love to all~~~~

:star:Where can I see the other entries?:star:…

So grab your pencil now and start drawing~~~~(*w*). And please help to spread the word~~~ You helps are greatly appreciated.
Enjoy your moment drawing my babies~~~ 
This is my first time holding a contest. I might miss out some details please let me know. And if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :D~~


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Thank You and Some Announcement

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 19, 2013, 7:36 PM

Finally I can sit down and type properly.....umm....Where to start?

Let's talk about a day before my birthday, so I went for hill hiking with my students and other colleague in a sunny afternoon. Damn, that was....a nightmare.....Huuu.....Every step was so exhausting....ish so tiring.....OKay, we managed to get up there and we're so happy and took photos, almost every corner....LOLz. Suddenly my left leg cramped. I felt like I'm gonna die of pain. When the pain subsided, we went down the hill and I sprained my ankle because of that stupid cramped leg....again....ish painful. Still, I continued to walk down the hill with others.......OKay, I couldn't imagine what happened the next day.....

On my birthday...
Woke up with painful legs....still had to work though.... so was pulling my injured leg to office..When I opened my laptop, arrr....can't access internet....what ish this!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ  So that's the reason for the late respond in replying the wishes. And my leg is still painful today...:iconuhuhuhuplz: ....LOLz...what a memorable birthday with limp legs. Oh, I won't be talking bout the rest of my birthday, coz it'll be long. But it's a good day, no worries.  

Back to the main point,
Thank you so so so much for the birthday wishes, notes, art gifts, cake badges, points...... I'm so touched~~~So HAPPY~~~~ Yes, I'm still replying the comments...just be a little bit more patient...haha....was tired for the last few days....

Oh those art gifts....OMG....I can't stop crying....Why are you people so nice to meh~~~~All the babies drawn by you pretty and so cute~~~~ Yes, I must show them off~~~ >////v///<~~~

Here are some of the art gift I received. :D~~
ShrimpHEBY's Xuan Long by kaeruraine Happy Birthday *shrimpHEBY! by The-Hipster-Kitty :thumb366403046: Happy B-Day! Heby and Ori senpai~~!!! by EvilAngelInLove Happy Birthday Shrimpmama by hitogata :thumb366098037: :thumb366071625:  

And :icondaevaluque: drew me a cover photo in FB.

Let me know if I missed out anyone.....Aren't they pretty~~~????? >///v///<~~~Go check out their galleries~~~Hohohoh~~~~

Okay, next is an announcement, well, I mean a few announcement.
Firstly, Xuan Long is officially in  a relationship. >//v//<~~~Woohoooo~~~~ and I'm proud to introduce you his lovely tsundere girlfriend~~~

Tada~~~>////v////<~~~ Her name is Qing Hong 晴虹, which is designed by awesome :iconorichie:~~~ Give her more love :heart::heart:~~~~

Sooooooooooooooooo as for Qi Rui's still in the progress....will announce it later. :iconteheplz:~~~

Another announcement,
My contest will be officially up in the middle of May, to be exactly, 18 May. Yes, draw my Xuan Long and Qi Rui~~~ Prizes are mainly cash money/points, free arts, feature (anyone wants to volunteer some prizes?? >////A///<~~~)  Hope you guys join~~~

Here by, again, I appreciated your time to read this, and thanks again to all and new watchers, new viewers. Thanks for visiting and I'll keep drawing as long as I'm alive....yays~~God bless all. Have a great and wonderful day.~!!!!

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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 19, 2013, 7:25 AM

Ahhh...I can't type now....OTL....Eyes are blurred....

Sorry sorry guys for the slow respond and late reply. Give me sometime to reply and update everytime.

I'll write the journal again with proper gratitude and also some announcement and feature~~~arrrr.....>///v////<~~~



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Livestream *Off*

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 31, 2013, 6:26 PM

Working on sketch page and sketchy sketches.....~~~

Random commissions.

Feel free to drop by and say hi~~ But I won't be responding much. I apologize first.�


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Feature part VII CLOSED

Journal Entry: Wed May 23, 2012, 6:52 AM
<a href=\\\"…\\\">Watch Me <a href=\\\"…\\\">My Faves <a href=\\\"…\\\">Note Me

The rules:
1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!
2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place.
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! Woohoo!

0. :iconmirvirus: (bcoz you're so amazing~~!! :heart:~~~ )
VolSa: Inari, Full Study by Mirvirus DaF: Myrron by Mirvirus COMM: CrayolaCannon by Mirvirus

1. :iconhedrick-cs:
Commission - Elma Driead by Hedrick-CS Mass Effect 3 - Biotic Blitz [reworked] by Hedrick-CS Commission - Ashana - Fiend Form by Hedrick-CS
2. :iconmizury:
VOCALOID Bookmarks by Mizury The Lost Memory by Mizury Ore... -Kaito- by Mizury
3. :iconkith-cath:
Point Commission -VegetarianJackal by Kith-Cath RagunaXMist -Prize by Kith-Cath Point Commission -Silent-Arpeggio by Kith-Cath
4. :iconkatt-kitt:
:thumb302127394: :thumb279781722: :thumb277595857:
5. :iconwarningsofamber:

6. :iconsutasei:
Jax + Grayson by Sutasei COM: RadMeme by Sutasei
7. :iconkirei-rc:
Artistic PMS: A Study on Artistic Inferiority by kirei-rc Karneval: GarekixNai by kirei-rc GC: Drakar by kirei-rc
8. :iconluxiosis:
  :thumb303761108: Freya 'Ace' Albane by LuxIosis
9. :iconlittlekumiko:
Wet Deidara by LittleKumiko The bad and the good by LittleKumiko Pratice Sketch Again by LittleKumiko
10. :iconcorrico:
:thumb294883435: :thumb301749937: :thumb303302445:
11. :iconxin-yii:
:thumb301826625: :thumb291157141: :thumb292213970:
12. :iconkurokocchi-desu:
:thumb302753236: :thumb300196681: :thumb294865108:
13. :iconvanillaxhime:
:thumb294579759: :thumb260541876: :thumb303796327:
14. :icondaevaluque:
commission. Suemao by Daevaluque commission. KumiKoyama by Daevaluque TA- Event 01.Introduction by Daevaluque
15. :iconeldarianne:
Ambre - Sue - Ace of Wands by Eldarianne Amber - L'atelier by Eldarianne DA : Let's travel together by Eldarianne
16. :iconsweetiemoon:
A Carnation by SweetieMoon Elementresses by SweetieMoon Paper Me eture by SweetieMoon
17. :iconnintendraw:
APH-Bolivar Romero flag by Nintendraw APH-Guyana Twins color by Nintendraw Pkmn-Sleepy Snivy by Nintendraw
18. :iconeverbluefae:
A walk  in the pasture by EverBlueFae Celeste by EverBlueFae Nevera by EverBlueFae
19. :iconmerryweathery:
:thumb280539790: :thumb292561602: :thumb281975421:
20 :iconrandomlyred:
Hibiscus by RandomlyRed Four Kings by RandomlyRed Father and Son by RandomlyRed
21. :iconcolorful--melody: *BONUS*
CANDY spam by Colorful--Melody

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Holidays + Tagged

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 5:49 AM
<a href=\\\"…\\\">Watch Me <a href=\\\"…\\\">My Faves <a href=\\\"…\\\">Note Me

The moment that I've waited for months finally came. My holiday starts~~~!!! I'll have around 2 months break from now on~~~Finally I can totally focus in doing my pending commissions. I'm sorry that I didn't even touch my tablet for the past few days. Was busy with my students's graduation and school stuff. It's always busy few days before the school holiday start.

I'll finish all the commissions within these few days. After that I'll go visit my bro and friends in Kuala Lumpur. 10 days break, yays. This year am not joining any secret santa event as I'll be busy with local commissions and comic event. If I have extra time, will probably open a few slots of commissions. (*w*)b

Oh, I've tagged....umm...

Tagged by :iconskye-warrior:

Rules first:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

I won't follow all the rules though...OTL...I'll just answer the questions~~


12.00 pm

2. Do you mind being tagged?


3. What would you like to do more, travel into the past or into the future? Why? :3

Into the past, I want to prevent all the mistakes that I made in the past.  

4. Aside from dA, youtube, facebook or other social networking sites, what other sites do you go?

I went to Baidu, Sogou to download songs and some manga website to read manga online~~and some education site (to key in data...LOLz).

5. What do you think about relationships?


6. Your phone model?

Iphone 4S

7. OTPs? ~~~~


8. Name a LEAST favorite of each: book, movie, T.V. show.

Book:  I don't read books.
Movie:  I don't watch movies.
TV: I don't watch TV

LOLz...I lied~~~~ I'm not sure though...

9. What is something that people typically consider "weird", that you enjoy or enjoy doing?

Sit in front of my laptop and draw whole day without drinks and food.  (I used to do that in my Uni life.)

10. Oldest cartoon or anime you watched as a child?

Cartoon: Thundercats/Transformers.
Anime: Sailormoon./Cardcaptor Sakura...

Not tagging anyone. :iconteheplz:

Feature part VI

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 3:16 AM
<a href=\\\"…\\\">Watch Me <a href=\\\"…\\\">My Faves <a href=\\\"…\\\">Note Me

Here are the features:

1. :iconkitsunerenachan:
Happy cat day. by KitsuneRenaChan Early Valentine by KitsuneRenaChan [ Point commission ] Shaani by KitsuneRenaChan

2. :iconr3darkang3l:
:thumb292738850: :thumb292538405: SessxHik Colored by R3dArkang3l

3. :iconpink-gizzy:

Mature Content

AT - You are my Valentine by pink-gizzy
Just Kiss Me, Naruto-Kun by pink-gizzy Comm: Dramira's Valentines Dress by pink-gizzy

4. :iconmizuyoo:
Mini OC contest by mizuyoo :thumb274850326:

5. :iconstarlightgenie:
Gilbert Blythe x Anne Shirley by starlightgenie Luna by starlightgenie Santa's Little Helper by starlightgenie

6. :iconh2otheory:
Tachikawa High APP: Ruiren Ando [Retired] by H2Otheory

7. :icontristianart:
Izka197 - chibi contest - 2nd place by TristianArt Sketch Jet by TristianArt Bar Maidens by TristianArt

8. :iconnarurinya:
eeljinka - Tokidoki by Narurinya SS 2011 by Narurinya

9. :iconnilmea:
.: Aster :. by nilmea .: Lime re-design :. by nilmea Adoptable- Dark Ice Alpaca (trade only - Closed) by nilmea

10. :icondarumarchen:
Rainy Season by darumarchenSmall Red String by darumarchenSS: Shota Shota Night Fever by darumarchen

11. :iconfuyuriashi:
Scarlet/First Finished Pose~ by Fuyuriashi Miwa~! by Fuyuriashi Snow Chibi by Fuyuriashi

12. :iconparanoiddeer:
:thumb294769582: :thumb293579565: :thumb289728051:

13. :iconniekaori:
Tell Your World by niekaori UTAU: Matryoshka Solo Piano by niekaori Comm: Yuna Kion by niekaori

14. :iconstaypee:
Happy Birthday, Severus! by staypee HP - Horcrux by staypee Sherlock by staypee

15. :iconangelz-devil:
Undertaker by angelz-devil An unfortunate turn of events by angelz-devil shrimpheby commission by angelz-devil

16. :iconsilvame:
Spring in me. by Silvame Little girl sitting on a swing by Silvame Purple sky. by Silvame

17. :iconhannun:
HBD ZED by Hannun Lynn Russell by Hannun

18. :iconpinocchio-kun:
Animated Chibi by Pinocchio-kun Chibi + Usagi by Pinocchio-kun Anime Galaxy - Entry by Pinocchio-kun


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Feature Time Part VI closed.

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 2:09 AM
<a href=\\\"…\\\">Watch Me <a href=\\\"…\\\">My Faves <a href=\\\"…\\\">Note Me

18 slots available~~~ comment here in my journal with 3 of your best artwork in thumbnail, you'll get featured. Come slots~~~:heart:~

Please follow the rules :

1. Straight away comment with 3 thumbnails instead of comment "Me!!..." or "can I have a feature please". Once you're the first 18 ppl to comment thumbnails you'll get the slot.  

2. I WANT THUMBNAIL!!! Don't give me link. What is thumbnail? Here:

3. Those who failed to follow the rules won't be featured. And please don't get mad or angry when you didn't get in this time.

4. And if you have been featured before, to be fair, you won't get featured again.

You can check the previous feature here:
Feature part I :…
Feature part II :…
Feature part III :…
Feature part IV:…
Feature part V:…

Good Luck guys.

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Feature Time Part V closed.

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 24, 2012, 8:26 PM
<a href=\\\"…\\\">Watch Me <a href=\\\"…\\\">My Faves <a href=\\\"…\\\">Note Me

Here are the features.

1. :iconshenjitcu:

2. :iconsukieyo:
LS: MinaKush by SukieyoNaruko 2012 by SukieyoNaru-chan by Sukieyo

3. :iconshiori92:
A Dark Memory by Shiori92 PC: Nimari Steals from Tobi! by Shiori92 Eat Your Heart Out Reika by Shiori92

4. :iconmissarie:
:thumb287965395: :thumb286436439: :thumb279723259:

5. :iconaikaazame:
TM- Cutez Hikaru by AikaAzame OC- Igarashi Mizuko by AikaAzame Checkmate. by AikaAzame

6. :iconmo0on3:
fionna and marshall lee wallpaper by mo0on3 chibi marshall lee by mo0on3 fiolee is love by mo0on3

7. :iconmelanthriel:
My Life by Melanthriel W-Where'd you go..? by Melanthriel Toddler Kassidy by Melanthriel

8. :iconvanillaxhime:
:thumb266718412: :thumb281166488: :thumb273214831:

9. :iconkemmasandi:
Dance With The EnemySomething In The Water
-Chapter Three: Dance With The Enemy
We kept walking through the evening, and well into the dark hours of the night. The desert turned cool and silent around us minute by slow minute.
A great silver moon hung over the northern horizon, casting milky white light over the landscape, turning the golden earth into peaks the colour of bones. As the sun set, the air cooled rapidly, going from far too hot to unpleasantly crisp in about an hour.
Damini found us a clear campsite for the night underneath a rocky overhang, several metres up the hillside above the track. Some tinder-dry branches from the dead bushes that dotted the hills served as fuel for a fire, lit by a spark from Ace's fingertip. I crouched close to the fire, so close I could feel my skin tightening in the heat, and basked in the dry heat.
"If you get any closer to that fire, you'll be sitting in it," Ace told me, amusement dancing in his dark eyes. "Were you that cold?"
"No." I shook my he
Cold End: Epilogue by Kemmasandi Dogs by Kemmasandi

10. :iconilovetfa333:
black marble rose by iloveTFA333 ColdCold.
It's so cold.
The world is getting darker and darker.
My breathing is getting heavier.
All I know is fading.
Fading into the dark.
It's so cold from where I lay.
"I must survive" I keep telling myself.
But I knew that I'm going to die.
Die from the world I know
And hopefully into a better world.
Hopefully that better world is heaven.
I'm leaving.
Leaving from the hell called life.
And going into the dark.
Where a light will shine down on me.
"I must not give up" I keep saying to myself.
But I knew that I was going to die.
For fate has called it upon me.
To die.
I laugh from where I lay.
It's so cold.
How ironic that has to sound.
Fate must really hate me.
For I have to die from this world.
It's so cold.
The world is getting darker and darker
My breathing is getting heavier.
All I know is fading.
Fading into nothing.
I'm leaving.
Going into the dark
"I must live" I keep saying to myself.
But I knew I was going to die
It's so very cold.
I can barely breathe.
So I make a last wish.
optimus prime! by iloveTFA333

11. :iconminomotu:
Lessons by Minomotu Black Rock Shooter: Kaito n Gakupo by Minomotu Fragile Dreams: Seto by Minomotu

12. :iconaki95:
KHR_Halloween by Aki95 6918_Fetters by Aki95 Fubuki Shirou by Aki95

13. :iconharululu:
:thumb291634238: :thumb290402106: Dragon and horns and boys oh my by HaruLulu

14. :iconthedamn-thinguy:
Up High by TheDamn-ThinGuy Sunny day by TheDamn-ThinGuy Commission - InfiniteSilence by TheDamn-ThinGuy

15. :iconcreaturenight:
Aquos by creaturenight Buff by creaturenight War Ready Force Cruz by creaturenight

16. :iconugotrekthard:
Psychosis by UGotRektHard

17. :iconzehizzysaurus:
CM: Arone Cho by ZehIzzysaurus

18. :iconsutasei:
COM: RadMeme by Sutasei Hiro Katsumi by Sutasei Jax by Sutasei

Thank you guys XD~~You're awesome~!!!

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Feature Time Part IV closed. Thank you

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 11, 2012, 5:34 PM
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As I said, give me thumbnail, those giving link will be ignored. I'm so sorry.
And if you have been featured before, to be fair, you won't get featured again.

1. :iconfayren:
Woosh by Fayren So Fire up that Fiddle Boy by Fayren Crack by Fayren

2. :iconshuuheei:
The Girl and the Frozen Rose by shuuheei Lucanus by shuuheei Bale - OC by shuuheei

3. :iconpadfootlet:
Work Time for Pad by padfootlet GO: Shades of Friendship by padfootlet Happy New year by padfootlet

4. :iconravey-lecorientu:
the silent healer by Ravey-Lecorientu Request by Anomandaris Rake by Ravey-Lecorientu A demons drink by Ravey-Lecorientu

5. :icontora-noko:
Meet Ray! by Tora-noko .:Wake Up My Princess:. by Tora-noko Daisetsu by Tora-noko

6. :iconim-a-tumor:
It all began with... by im-a-tumor Break Through the Distance by im-a-tumor Namitas - Night and Star by im-a-tumor

7. :icontuliblu:
Just Be Friends by Tuliblu UNHAPPY REFRAIN by Tuliblu

8. :icontrippingoverisolines:
cut by trippingoverisolines mischief or malice by trippingoverisolines CENSORED by trippingoverisolines

9. :iconrubysama:
DRRR by rubysama 3. Adagio da Capo by rubysama OC: Kyoudai by rubysama

10. :icondrandja:
Happy Birthday, Keyko by Drandja Elliot and Leo - Pandora Hearts by Drandja Raven Crew by Drandja

11. :iconmurazi:
Going for a jog... by murazi

12. :iconhinata796:
:thumb276006399: :thumb287331826: :thumb289635276:

13. :iconundeciria:
CH: NPC Berken by Undeciria CH: Avalon Mist by Undeciria CH: Happy Valentine Day by Undeciria

Vocaloid - Miku: Last Night Good Night by deliciosaBerry Star-Colored Night Sky by deliciosaBerry Madoka Magica - Mami by deliciosaBerry

14. :iconjbeansv:
Twin Blade _LUKE by JBeanSV Heero_banyu by JBeanSV Candy Time by JBeanSV

15. :iconkairou-no-kimi:
[SSHG] Delicious by Kairou-no-Kimi

Mature Content

Lady Adelle's Amulet by Kairou-no-Kimi
[SSHG] Happy Valentine's Day 2012 by Kairou-no-Kimi

16. :iconrae-shi:
Fly Injinka Fly! by rae-shi Kagamine Strawberry Nomnom by rae-shi Summer Carnival by rae-shi

17. :icontimagirl:
NaLu  Fairy Tail -+- My heart is your -+- by Timagirl Shiki - Monster Hunter Orage by Timagirl Senju Hitomi OC by Timagirl

18. :iconcloverkane:
BM_Butterfly Dream by CloverKane Fading by CloverKane a new friend by CloverKane

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Edit: Phew, Finally finish the list. I'm sorry for those who didn't make it. You just not fast enough/miss out the rules. Please make sure you read everything before sending comments. If you didn't do so you might just get me confused and missed out something (imagine that are more than 50 of you~~~TT^TT) Next time I'll go for 10 slots first.

Sorry for the long wait, freebies time~~~~:heart:~~~^surprise^~~

I will draw something like this:…

What you need to do:
1. Read my rules carefully, if you don't, you will be ignored~!!
2. This opportunity is ONLY OPEN FOR MY WATCHERS. How to prove that?
    All you have to do is show me a link of print screen of my profile page, what I want to see colour on the "watch" word. :D
    Here's a sample:…
3. Comment with the link of  print screen together with a link of ONE clear character in fullbody. (you can put the description on the character/pose/expression etc )
4. ONLY original character, no fanart please
5.What I don't draw:
Old/Masculine ppl
6. No rushing for the art/don't ask when will the drawing be finished. I promise it won't take more than 1 month.

1. :iconimonox:… (done)
2. :iconfae-ru:… (done)
3. :iconlittle-noko:… (done)
4. :iconqubicmunchies:… (done)
5. :iconjyleflower:… (done)
6. :iconvanilecream:… (kimono girl) (done)
7. :iconshinzentenshi:… (done)
8. :iconbeeshoneypot:… (chloe)(done)
9. :iconmiyappun:…
10. :iconclearlymachine:…
11. :iconbevyart:…
12. :iconyen-cat:
13. :iconxcarnationfox:…
14. :iconnnyir:… (vocaloid version)(done)
15. :iconkitkatcaughtcha:… (done)
16. :iconkurokocchi-desu:… (done)
17. :iconhitogata:… (Coco) (done)
18. :iconthunderous-roar:…
19. :iconneatorama:…
20. :iconrisoru:
21. :iconreneedelagee:…
22. :iconkavaro:… (3rd from left)(done)
23. :iconskittlesai:…
24. :iconyuki-hime13:…
25. :iconyukonix:…
26. :iconreinshiroyama:
27. :iconbunnyz2012:
28. :iconsoapweed:… (done)
29. :iconluxiosis:…
30. :icontiffany-tees:…
31. :iconrobyns-roost:…
32. :iconjaesunmichele:
33. :iconlily-draws:…
34. :iconcaipryss:…
35. :iconrinmura:…
36. :iconsanguine-candy:…
37. :iconxshatteringpetalsx: arrangedshenanigans.deviantart…
38. :iconbutterflybandit:…
39. :iconediblemecha:…
40. :iconearth-bent:… (right)(done)
41. :iconblavk:…
42. :iconshiningcookie: (done)
43.  :icongreyopal:…
44. :iconpyonn-kun:…
45. :iconblanket-walrus:…
46. :icondeathcabforcutie09: deathcabforcutie09.deviantart.…
47. :iconfrozenangel-chan:…
48. :iconmaiyunbby:…
49. :iconwonderfully-gorgeous:…
50. :iconkittiehkat:…
First come first serve. Hurry up~~~ ONLY 50 slots available~!!!

Good Luck people~~~:heart:

Am gonna go for sleep now~~Take ya time~~~!!!
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Feature Time Part III closed~~ Thank you.

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18 slots available~~~ comment here in my journal with 3 of your best artwork in thumbnail, you'll get featured. Come slots~~~:heart:~

1. :iconstarpersona:
chinese gold fish by starpersona Duck by starpersona fish by starpersona

2. :iconkurosakisasori-kun:
The Revolutionarist by KurosakiSasori-kun :: Bond between us :: by KurosakiSasori-kun : : Be my Valentine : : by KurosakiSasori-kun

3. :iconyenni-vu:
Eyes of Death by Yenni-Vu Belldandy, Goddess of Present by Yenni-Vu Our little Secret by Yenni-Vu

4. :iconchinky-chan:
Paper Planes by Chinky-chan AT-Punipunipon by Chinky-chan :thumb260464079:

5. :iconsnow-mishibari:
:thumb284969403: :thumb284141332: :thumb286948873:

6. :iconsmiiru:
77 Full body by smiiru Side by smiiru Lillian - older by smiiru

7. :iconserinji:
.:Musik:. by Serinji DP: Night Flying by Serinji DP: Ghostly Butterfly by Serinji

8. :iconmaedream:
Portrait of a Young Girl by MaeDreaM OC : Jill Ann by MaeDreaM Hideto Matsumoto by MaeDreaM

9. :iconhitogata:
'... and they lived happily ever after,' by hitogata MEOWOWOW? by hitogata DOLL-CE MENU by hitogata

10. :icontalespirit:
Magnet - UlquiHime by talespirit RoD - Solarus Screenshot by talespirit RoD - Sephiron Screenshot by talespirit

11. :iconkimichii:
Yui Natsumi by Kimichii Queen of Darkness: Blanka by Kimichii Subway Masters -Nobori and Kudari by Kimichii

12. :iconmoon-mascot:
PMMM:Homura by Moon-Mascot Autumn's breathe by Moon-Mascot That time by Moon-Mascot

13. :icondearuu:
SS__Panda Nation__ by Dearuu A Cuppa Tea ? by Dearuu

14. :iconxin-yii:
:thumb262437721: :thumb280491878: :thumb276800420:

15. :icontseng-akera:
Someday by Tseng-Akera Sakura blossoms by Tseng-Akera Leader of the clan by Tseng-Akera

16. :iconcrys-art:

17.  :iconkyouki-san:
Sky Tree by Kyouki-san Sleeping Beauty by Kyouki-san Old style. Mee-Hoo by Kyouki-san

18. :icontixri:
Eoni by tiXri MeCon c01p01 panel by tiXri Mecoforie Continent - Chapter 1 by tiXri

Feature part I :…
Feature part II :…

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Feature Time Part II closed. Thank you~~

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<a href=\\\"…\\\">Watch Me <a href=\\\"…\\\">My Faves <a href=\\\"…\\\">Note Me

Yes, again~~~Who wants to get featured? Comment here with 3 thumbnails of your best work. Available until the space runs out

Note: For those who had been featured please give chances to other. Thank you~~~ :hug:~~

1. :icontallihoo:
Sefira by TalliHoo VolSa: First impression by TalliHoo RO: Luthiel by TalliHoo
2. :icononblankpages:
3. :iconiurgium:
Happy Halloween by Iurgium Mami Tomoe-fanart1 by Iurgium pink princess by Iurgium
4. :iconcyanonigiri:
E + T by CyanOnigiri Pixelated Half-Vampire by CyanOnigiri messy mcfox doodle by CyanOnigiri
5. :iconnahimee:
PMMM - Lineart by Nahimee Secret Santa - LOYProject by Nahimee When the ghosts come out by Nahimee
6. :iconangelicsmana:
:VN: illust 1 by AngelicsMana :thumb278075776: :thumb276249203:
7. :iconcutiekitty122:
The A team by cutiekitty122 little aniela lying down by cutiekitty122 Have a Very Bloody Christmas by cutiekitty122
8. :iconparanoiddeer:
:thumb284402846: :thumb283430219: :thumb279290861:
9. :iconarmide:
Rivershire by Armide Invocation by Armide Happy Halloween by Armide
10. :iconlavi97:
:thumb271148496: :thumb276398256: :thumb271812902:
11. :iconphantomnexus:
Valentine's Bento by PhantomNexusSunset on Memories by PhantomNexusCommission: Ocean Beauty by PhantomNexus
12. :iconnatgoesrawr3:
:thumb283868271: :thumb284538019: :thumb283316946:
13. :iconkiraniji:

14. :iconhokamasorahatake:
:thumb284614589: :thumb280853704: :thumb282306061:
15. :iconthirteenth-friday:
:thumb283561589: :thumb283514640: :thumb279419577:
16. :iconshiioko:
Dragon Peace .::. TC by Shiioko Percy: Sample by Shiioko Water Play by Shiioko
17. :iconrainyseasons:

18. :iconbunnychii:
Sakura Blossoms by bunnychii The Power of Song by bunnychii Ronnie x Benji by bunnychii

Part I :…

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