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April 3, 2013
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Xuan Long Profile by shrimpHEBY Xuan Long Profile by shrimpHEBY
Finally, I have my OC, Xuan Long's profile done. Thanks to :iconchoubidoubinette: for helping me up with the grammar error and stuff. Your help is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I can have Qi Rui's profile up in a week or two. :D Stay tuned. >//v//<~ Simple English though..


Name : Xuan Long / 玄龍
Age : 100 years old ( equivalent of 2 years old in human age)
Gender : Male
Height : 76.2 cm / 2'5''
Weight : 29 lbs / 13 kg
Species : Chinese Dragon (black)

Item : A pacifier and a milk bottle

Ability / Power :
He can control both water and fire. He can form any kinds of weapon from water. He also has the ability to compress water molecules into a solid (like in the formation of ice). Despites that, he bursts flame through his mouth. Due to his young age, he can’t control his flame power, so he can breathe out fire anytime. The pacifier is used to control his fire from bursting out too easily. His emotions effect his power a lot.

 His pacifier and milk bottle
 Staying alone
 Cupid and Shuji (They took care of him when they first found him near the sea)
 Bulllying Qi Rui
 Animals (He's an animal master)

 Crowds
 Talking
 Clingy people

 Very, very badass dragon, hardly nice to people.
 Tsundere boy, he does care about other people but he never admit it.
 Ignores people when they try to convince him to do something that he doesn’t like
 very emotional.
 Despite his arrogant attitude, he’s actually a very kind-hearted person (when no one’s around), and has soft spot towards cute animals.

 He drinks lots of milk which he believes will make him grow faster.
 Has a collection of milk powder with different brand and flavour. Favourite flavour: vanilla
 He wears an orb with the word “龍“(dragon). The orb grows together with Xuan Long and it stops when he turns into a teenager. It was given by his father as protection. It can turned into a barrier when danger arrives.

Xuan Long has a sad past. He was originally a prince, the only son of Long Wang (龍王),the King of Sea Dragon, who was the divine ruler of the four seas. Xuan Long was once the nicest and sweetest little prince. Unfortunately, after witnessing the murder of his parents by the demon dragon, Chilong (螭龍), as well as the betrayal of members in the royalty, he now trusts no one except himself.

During the war between Long Wang and Chilong, Xuan Long was kept inside a bubble barrier created by his orb, so he didn’t get hurt. Xuan Long cried so hard that he got bleeding tears, watching the war. His father then sent him to the shore just before giving out his dying breath. Xuan Long fainted on the beach because due sadness and exhaustion. Chilong couldn’t find any sign of him when he was was searching for him.

He was discovered by Shuji and Cupid during their picnic near the beach. They brought him home and kept him. He lost part of his memory, mostly about the tragedy happened to his family.

His personality shifted to the total opposite of what it had been. Xuan Long became very defensive and refused to talk to anyone. He showed no expressions and never smiled or cried after that. He found it hard to control his emotion, he got angry easily and went wild (sometimes turning into dragon form) during his nightmares. Shuji and Cupid took care of him ever since his arrival into the family, as their own brother. Xuan Long started to trust them but still kept showing no emotion. Other than that, he never socialized with anyone (including other members of my OCs).

Qi Rui’s existence did bring some changes in Xuan Long’s life. He started to talk more because of how much he liked teasing Qi Rui. He bullied him very often : stepping on his tail, burning him with his flame, hitting him with his milk bottle or stealing his scarf...

But still Qi Rui keeps being clingy to him. (Xuan Long got irritated at first, then he got used to it, and somehow felt unsecure when Qi Rui was not around). Later they became good friends, though Xuan Long still gave Qi Rui that kind of attitude but he does care a lot about Qi Rui.

As time went by, Xuan Long gained back his memory. When his orb necklace suddenly cracked, indicating the arrival of Chilong, who had been searching for him for many years, he realized that he has to get back his kingdom.

The story continues....I haven't figure out what next. >///v///<~~~

I'll have contest up after I've updated both Xuan Long and Qi Rui's profile in both baby and adult version.

LOve them more~~~Yays~~~

If you're wondering who is Shuji and Cupid, check my gallery (OC folder) for them :D
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Artistic63 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Nice story, continue it please, its so interesting 
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He's so cute that I just want to hug him!
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