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Cat Bat Hybrid Open For Auction (CLOSED) by shrimpHEBY Cat Bat Hybrid Open For Auction (CLOSED) by shrimpHEBY
I'm a little indecisive sometimes....Please forgive me for making impulsive decision. I'm back with adoptables now. :D Coz I know I love to make them. Thanks for the responding my poll. :D

And, my dad suddenly came to me yesterday and asked, why you stop designing new characters? (He didn't know that those are called adoptables..) and I told him what happened. He gave me advice and encouraged me to continue on doing the adopts. I always listen to my dad...LOLz. Actually I wanted to do them too...>.<~~

After long hiatus in making random theme adopt, I'm lack of ideas a bit, so here's the thing I came out.

Do I need to explain what is an adoptable? I guess not. They are so common now in DA.

Cat/Bat Hybrid

Now belongs to :iconsephirosimmortal:

Read all the rules before you take any action

1. Payment in USD
2. This adoptable will be up for 2 days, which is 48 hours from the time this adopt is uploaded.
3. Bidding starts with USD 20. I'll post a comment with Bid here. Reply to this comment for your new bid.
4. Minimum increase of USD 2 per bidding
5. Bidder with highest bid by the end of the time will win the adopt.
6. Bidding over USD 70 winner will receive a chibi sketch of this character.
7. Do not send me any notes for bidding. I'll ignore them.
8. Strictly no tracing, copying, and stealing of my art.
9. To bidders, please keep an eye on the biding price so that you don't get outbidded. I'll update the price from time to time. (except the time I'm sleeping...LOLz..)

And finally~~~~I'M BACK ~~~~AS AN ADOPT MAKER~~~
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November 28, 2012
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